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Peruvian Pollera Skirt Huancayo

Peruvian Pollera Skirt Huancayo

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This beautiful pollera comes from the region of Huancayo - Peru.

“Pollera” is a Spanish term for a large one-piece skirt worn mostly by women at traditional festivals throughout Spanish-speaking Latin America. Polleras are made of different materials, such as cotton or wool, and always have colorful decorative elements.

Most of the decorations are embroidered. Flowers and regional animals are among the most common designs.

Polleras are a form of Spanish colonial dress and were imposed on Indian populations in the Andes in the 16th and 17th centuries. Traditional polleras come from the traditional costumes of the southern Spanish regions. Today, polleras are associated with indigenous and folkloric forms of dress.

Large: For a girl between 5/7 years

Waist: 54cm

Hips: 61 cm

Length: 25cm

Large: For a girl between 10/12 years old

Waist: 61/65 cm

Hips: 74/82 cm

Length: 35cm

Material: cotton

Colour: Black embroidered with white floral patterns

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